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The Holidays

The holidays can be a fun, magical, eventful, happy time of year…they can also be stressful, guilt ridden, and a financially difficult time of year as well. So here are some great idea’s to get you through the holidays this year.


Enjoy the Holidays
Enjoy the Holidays

Know ahead of time which foods are “not in your best interest” decide ahead of time whether you are going to have one of this or none of this, or maybe two. Just decide ahead of time so you are not caught having to make a decision on the spot. Remember to always eat well-balanced meals throughout the day. So when you do decide to have something that is a little sugary it does not send you off into a tailspin of the Sugar High, which will eventually become the sugar crash.

Remember your drinks during this time of year can also be a source of unnecessary calories and sugar.  Treat sugary drinks just like you would dessert. Make sure you have eaten a well-balanced meal before, during, or right after having a sugary drink. And if you don’t know my stance on sugar substitutes, they are a NO-NO-NO! If you want something that is sweet, regular sugar is the best.

Don’t forget daily exercise and if you are doing a lot of shopping, then you are in luck, all the walking and carrying bags counts!! Just remember to get 30 minutes in everyday!!


Organizer Your Time
Organizer Your Time

The holidays are a great time to organize your past and get ready for your future. The Christmas decorations are the perfect place to sort through what to keep and what to throw out (or keep in a special place for sentimental reasons). Making room for the upcoming presents by giving away what you and your family no longer use, is also a great holiday tradition to get started with this year. We have many things that we do not use or need, there are others who would make better use of what we do not. So take this time during the holidays to see what you really need and give away what you do not.

Organizing your time is crucial during the holidays. Along with your daily life now you need to add in parties, shopping, and so much more. Take your calendar right now and make sure that everything you can possibly think of is properly written down in your calendar with the exact times and addresses. If the addresses are new to you get directions and save them so that you can easily retrieve them when it is time to go. (I like to email them to myself) Don’t forget to schedule time for you, and/or the family and friends. The holidays are so chaotic that taking in something like a movie or dinner with friends can be just what is needed to get some balance back. Schedule your days the way you want and understand they might not turn out exactly how you had planned, but they have a better chance if you are really specific with your intentions.


Spend Wisely
Spend Wisely

Budget, budget, budget. I cannot stress this enough. Know how much you really want and need to spend on the holidays and don’t forget the little things like the extra tipping, office holiday gifts, additional meals out, a pretty dress for that special party, cooking dinner, decorations. There are a lot of costs that go into the holidays. Having a budget will help you in deciding what is really necessary and what is not. Some families pick names and then buy that one person a really nice set of gifts. Others put a limit on the adult’s gifts and then others try for a more personal touch and make their gifts. (A coupon book of things you will do for another is a great idea for a free gift idea—some have gotten pretty creative with this, like “Giving in on an argument”, “saying I’m sorry when I don’t feel like it”, drawing a bubble bath, and then of course the traditional, “back rub” is always nice. Whatever the gift the thought and sentiment should be what is given and received.

Happy Holidays!!

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