We feel it! We hate it! We want to get rid of it! But, should we?

Recent Focus on Happiness

There has been a lot of focus on happiness lately, so much so that if you aren’t happy people begin to think you are just a whiner. But, I don’t think that is true. For the most part the desire to be happy is for one’s own purpose. It may be true that someone around you may also feel happier momentarily or they may just be annoyed that you are happy.

Is Stress Bad or is it Possibly Important?

In our quest to get rid of stress are we possibly burying some factual issue that needs to be addressed that we don’t want to address? Perhaps it is a bad job, no job, finances in disarray, a relationship that is not in our best interest…I could go on, but what IS stressing you out? Is it something you can change, even little by little, day-by-day? Trying to get rid of stress with a massage or a scented candle when we haven’t addressed the real cause for the stress and what needs to be done about it could have devastating consequences.

Now You Have a Plan

So if you took my advice and looked at the real reason you are stressed and you now have a plan or decided that what was stressing you out cannot be changed (for whatever the reason may be) now you can have your massage and scented candle and get a good night’s sleep and get started on your plan as soon as possible so you can make meaningful changes in your life.

Stress Comes and Goes

There are problems in our lives that we have to deal with and more than likely many of the problems we have today will not be there tomorrow. So write them down and then next month look at the list and see where they solved favorably or unfavorably. Are you surprised?

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