Schedule IT

Schedule IT

iStock_000027630618MediumWhen you think about your life, do you think things happen the way they happen or do you plan the way things happen? If you don’t plan your days do they happen the way you hoped? Did you even hope your day would go in any particular way? Do you wake up and say this is my intention for the day? Add a little gratefulness that you have a day to contemplate and make the way you want and then start the day with some intention and momentum!


Year 2015Make your plan to be wise in your purchases. Schedule your payments so they are automatically paid timely. Avoiding unnecessary late fees or NSF is a great savings that is nothing more than scheduling your finances. Schedule your expenses and know what you really need to actually survive and what you have as discretionary income. Most of us have some money at the end of the week, however we make decisions during the week that leave us without much to show for it. So each time you spend money, ask yourself, “Will I be happy 3 months from now that I made this purchase or will I even remember it?” Not all purchases need to be memorable, however, too many of them are just made without even thinking.


537845_326749737451308_1390794255_nKnowing what you are going to eat and when is the best scheduling activity you can do for yourself. Make sure that you eat often, about every 3 hours, but the most important thing is to schedule it. Put a reminder in your phone to ask yourself if you are hungry. Figure out your menu’s and plan for a well-balanced meal each and every time you eat. Of course don’t forget to schedule your exercise daily. Everyday plan to get 30 minutes of exercise. Put a reminder in your calendar and just plan on making it part of your daily routine. You will feel so much better! Do it for stress relief, to make you feel better, whatever you do—don’t do it because you think you need to lose weight!


smart goal setting conceptYou’ve heard it before—if you schedule your time you will get more done, but have you thought about the confidence that you get from being scheduled and sticking to your schedule. It is as if you have a dozen mini goals every day and you achieve them and suddenly your self-confidence improves. Scheduling your time allows you to decide each day—What is important?

If you have never been on a schedule try it for a day, then a week, and if you like it and find you get more out of each day keep it up. Break up your day into no more than 2 hour blocks of time and remind yourself to take short 5 minute breaks once an hour. Ironically this will not break your momentum, it will actually give you a boost of making a goal and succeeding!!

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDIET, TimerORGANIZER, and Coming Soon TimerSAVINGS



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