Pockets of Time

Pockets of Time


Use your time wisely
Use your time wisely

We all have pockets of time that come into our lives and we have the option to use them or waste them. If you aren’t sure that you have pockets of time:

Do you ever find yourself waiting on hold for more than a minute?

Do you wait in line at the store for more than a minute?

Do you work out on a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine?

Do you ever find yourself in the waiting room of the doctor’s, dentist, salon, or similar

Do you ever find yourself waiting on someone at a restaurant to arrive?

How do you use these pockets of time? Checking your phone for social media messages? Check e-mails (10 times in 10 minutes!) What if you made a list of things you could do with each of these pockets of time and try to memorize them; here are some of mine.

On hold – write my next blog, Facebook, or Twitter posting. Go through my inbox of mail, update my budget, read some instructions that I have been meaning to do.

Waiting in line at the store – I try not to wait in line, but if I must I work on my list to do for the day, week, or month. Either in my head or on my phone calendar.

Working out – Catch up on news stories on my iPad, listen to my iPod either something I downloaded that is motivational or educational. Or something I added myself; recently I am taking a French class—I know that sounds pretentious but it is kind of fun! (Doing things with our pockets of time do not need to always be productive—they can be just fun!)

Waiting rooms – Are perfect for reading either magazine articles, books, or the latest news. You can bring a magazine or book with your or have them on your tablet.

Waiting for someone at the restaurant – First I ask to go ahead and be seated if possible, that way I can be comfortable and check out the menu, maybe even get something to start with while I wait. But more importantly I use the time with a combination of all of the above!

So when you encounter your pockets of time remember this…15 minutes a day equals over 91 hours a year, how do you want to spend your pockets of time?


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