Lack of Intention
Do you know what you want?

When you think about your day and what you need to do, what are your intentions? Do you have goals? When you do the things you need to do are you intentionally doing them to achieve your goals? Many people who have won the lottery have said that when they bought their ticket, they bought with the intention of winning—multiple times! People who have succeeded had a vision of what they would achieve and even in some cases—when! Each golf swing, each lap in the pool, and each call had intention.

Others Intentions

When you think about it the majority of our disagreements in life have to do with conflicting intentions. We may be at odds with other people’s intentions. So do we need to give up on our own intentions to keep the peace…NO! We do need to understand the other person’s intentions and hopefully they will want to understand ours. Sometimes both intentions can occur at the same time and there really is no threat, even though at first there was a perceived threat. Sometimes you have to take turns and then of course there is the dreaded compromise. I really am not a fan of the compromise, I do ironically feel that letting someone else’s intentions be just as important as our own as way to make peace. It is not giving up, it is not compromising…it is saying that what the other person wants is just as important as what you want.

Daily Intentions

Do the days just meld together?
Do the days just meld together?

Every day we have to look to our own intentions and see why are doing what we do. Sometimes days go by and we have no idea why we are doing what we are doing, watching what we watch, or talking to whom we talk with. When you are preparing to do anything, pause for just a second, and say, “What is my intention?” “What would be my best outcome?” “Please make that happen!”

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerOrganizer and TimerDiet



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