How to Avoid Failure?!

Failure Avoidance

Don’t we all want to avoid failure? I know of no one who says, “I want to try this and I hope it fails.” But we all know failure is a possibility in anything and everything. Whether it is our relationships, raising our children, keeping our jobs, but just as importantly—making our dreams come true. We could decide to not get into serious relationships, have any children, not care about having a job, and never think about our dreams. But isn’t that failure in and of itself?

Not Living

Isn’t not living our life the way we think it should be failure in and of itself? Why do we have dreams? Not everyone has the same dream; so they appear to be unique to each one of us. When we have a dream and we push it aside we are not living the life that appears to be our innermost desire.

Fear of Failure

We sometimes confuse fear of failure with failure. We think if we have fear then we obviously were not meant to do what our hearts desires are. But fear is just that, fear—you know the acronym F-antasized, E-vents, A-ppearing, R-eal. I prefer fictitious rather than fantasized. Most people who do public appearances of any kind will tell you that they normally feel fear right before they go on stage. But yet they still go on stage and as soon as they begin, the fear usually goes away. Why? Because the F-antansy is now real and the reality is not that bad! No one is booing, yelling, or asking for their money back (usually!) The audience is rooting for you, clapping their hands that you are onstage and excited to be there…so the fear goes away.

Change Your Fear

Think about whatever you want being successful! You may think that you don’t know that this is true. Well that is true. But you also don’t know that it is false. So if you are going to err, err on the side of thinking you will succeed, not on the side that you will fail. Either way you are guessing! I am pretty sure that if you really do fail, you will have time to deal with that failure if that times comes, why start dealing with failure before it even happens?
So wish me luck on the eve of the submission of my second book, TimerOrganizer! I am excited, nervous, and of course fearful. But at this point I might as well smile, know I did a great job in showing the best way to organize your life, and let the fates do their thing!  Thanks!!!
Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and to be released oh so very soon, TimerOrganizer

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