Grocery Prices are Rising!

Organize Your Refrigerator to Save Money

If you want to save some money on your grocery bill, organize your refrigerator. How many times have you thrown food away because it has spoiled or bought something because you couldn’t find it in the fridge? It happens, but to some it happens often. They say the average family throws out almost $1,500 a year in food that has spoiled. That is a lot of money. How does organizing your fridge help?

Keep Foods by Category in the Fridge

Create separate areas in your fridge for fruit, vegetables, meat, deli meats, and cheeses. The more categories you have in your fridge the easier it will be to find what you want when you want. Food spoils primarily because you forget about it or you just don’t want to eat it. Which brings up a great point…

Don’t Buy Food You Don’t Like

It seems common sense. But how often have you bought food because it was supposed to be good for you, knowing full well that you didn’t like it? Or maybe you bought a certain food because it was going to go into a specific dish that you knew would be too time consuming to make and you were probably not going to get around to it? Just don’t buy it unless you have a plan for it. When in doubt freeze your foods before they go bad and label them with the date you froze them.

Your Shopping List Should be Based Off of Your Menu List

When you go grocery shopping a little time spent deciding what your menus for the week will be is a great money saver. Know what foods you want to go together and then when you get to the store you can buy based on the sales. Don’t be optimistic thinking you will make dinner all seven nights if you know that the kids have soccer practice two nights a week and there is no way to make a full dinner. Instead have easy menu items for those nights.
With a little organization of both your menus and your fridge you can make it through this grocery price increase without having it affect your wallet as much.  
Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and to be released this June—TimerOrganizer

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