Free Time

Free Time

How does free time work into your daily life and make you a well-balanced person and affect your weight, daily organization, and monthly savings?

TimerSAVINGSSchedule Some Vacation Time

Sometimes savings does not get enough attention. We think our free time should be spent in front of the TV or spent with friends on a daily basis from sun-down to sun-up. But, maybe if our Free Time was more sacred and thought of more highly we would find ways to make more money and save more money. So think of ways to make money in your Free Time and spend your Free Time doing something that actually brings something of value to you!!


Motivation Comes From Having Fun Things to Look Forward toWe have more Free Time than we really think we do. So many times we say “I am so busy” but if you really look at the time you spend you will find that much of our Free Time is spent on things that do not create relaxation, rejuvenate you, or provide you with any of the things you feel you value. What are your values? Is what you are planning on spending your time on what you truly value? Or have you allowed yourself to get sucked into time wasters that have nothing to do with what you value?


Take A Walk DailyFree Time is important to your ability to lose weight, hands down! If you are constantly stressed then you are going to find it hard to lose weight and keep the weight off.  Life has many facets to it and to omit some free time into your schedule is a recipe for disaster in your weight loss goals! Be sure to include daily exercise into your schedule. Not for weight loss but for stress reduction!! If you feel you are doing something only to lose weight you are more than likely not to do it or you will think you can eat less of something instead. But the benefits of exercise cannot be substituted by eating or drinking less of anything. A 30 minute daily walk is the most ideal way to get your daily exercise.

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