We all want it. We all think we are fairly good at it. And we all know we could be better at it.

How to Know if You Are Focused

Do you feel that you are getting done what you set out to do every day?  OK well most days. Do you feel that the days are how you plan them? When you go to sleep at night, do feel a sense of accomplishment? When you feel focused, you go to sleep knowing you did your best! It doesn’t mean that the day was problem free; it means that you focused on the areas that were of importance and did not waste time without much to show for it.

What to Do if You Are Losing Your Focus Often

First see if there are specific things that are getting you off track. Perhaps it is the constant notifications of your social media, someone commented on your Facebook Posting, or retweeted your Tweet, or Loved your Instagram posting! Maybe turn your notifications to silent and check them when you are ready to do so. Then there are the email notifications, whether on your computer or on your phone. Try turning off the volume on your computer and set your notifications to silent. If you can control how often you check your notifications rather than having them constantly interrupt you (since you are so popular!) will make being focused easier.

But What if it is Still NOT Easier?

Sometimes taking preventative measures to minimize distractions still doesn’t make you focus the way that you hoped. What do you do? Try taking a timer and set it for 15 minutes and try to stay focused for the entire 15 minutes, then when the timer goes off, take at least a five minute break. Then increase the amount by anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes more, until you are able to focus for an entire hour. Be sure that every time your timer goes off that you take a break. This will have the benefit of actually making you want to just stay focused, since you probably won’t always want to stop what you are doing…this is great progress!!  Eventually, you won’t need to use the timer and you will be able to focus for however long you feel that you want to.


Keep up the good work, each small step can build great things!!
Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and to be released TimerOrganizer
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