Earth Day

Earth Day
#Earth Day
Today April 22, 2014 we are celebrating Earth Day, but did you know this holiday has been around for decades? In fact 1970. To help bring awareness to the Earth’s environment, yes before many of us were even born (not me I’m a boomer baby), people have said to be concerned about the Earth. But, what have we done to help? Well to be more exact, what have you done to help?

I know we think that it is a big city or big industry problem; but is it really? Do we do every day what we can to help the Earth’s environment? Or do we assume our little indiscretions don’t amount to much? Do we buy way more than we need, only to dispose of it? Do we take random trips around town, just because we can? Do we take the time to recycle at every opportunity, even if it is inconvenient to take it back home to do so? What about our obsession with bottled water? My guess is that we all are guilty of our own indiscretions and yet we wonder why big business isn’t doing their part…it is because it isn’t easy and it can sometimes cost more money, so we just don’t want to.
What will it take for each of us to feel compelled to do our part 100% (ok 99%) of the time? IDK
Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and to be released in June of 2014 TimerOrganizer

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