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So it is still the New Year and many experts are saying “WAKE UP EARLIER” as a way to meet all your goals. But…


Weight Loss DreamsWhen it comes to losing weight making sure that you get a good night’s sleep (anywhere from 7-9 hours) is so important to making sure you are ready for the day. Making good food choices, finding the energy to work-out every day, and allowing your body to get the much needed rest for premium weight loss starts with a good night’s sleep. So waking up earlier without going to sleep earlier is going to backfire and not help you in reaching any of your goals! If you are able to go to sleep at 10:00pm and wake up at 6:00am great! But if you can’t get to sleep early enough to get 8 hours of sleep by 6:00am you will need to reassess what time you get up in the morning or when you can get to sleep. Remember that insomnia is not sleeping so if insomnia is a problem you deal with you will want to figure out what the cause is as soon as possible.   Get a good night’s sleep each and every night—it is the number one secret to losing weight!!


Organized KitchenYou may wonder how sleep can affect Organization, but it is crucial. When you have a good night’s sleep you make wiser decisions about your time and you don’t waste time on things that do not matter. When it is time to put away the groceries in a manner that makes it easy to cook or find snacks, or when you are deciding which errands to do today and which to do next week, or what projects to work on and for how long—how much sleep you have had the night before makes all the difference.

Some people use lack of sleep as a way to say they are busy and have so much going on, but getting a good night’s sleep helps you not be so busy; instead you will be productive and make wiser decisions and be able to accomplish so much more!


Get your sleep!So you may really be wondering how sleep can affect Savings, but you will understand soon!! Infomercials count on you being a little less than awake to want to buy whatever is being sold after midnight! But what about all the decisions that you make daily…whether to work, not work, take on business opportunities, to do what it takes to make more money…there are so many ways that lack of sleep can adversely affect your ability to make money, keep money, and be responsible with your money!

So whether it comes to your weight loss goals, time management, or financial goals your ability to get a good night’s sleep and make wise decisions is paramount! So wake up earlier if you think it will help, but get to bed earlier too!

Sherri Sue Fisher author of TimerDIET, TimerORGANIZER, and TimerSAVINGS







Emails in the Morning?

Checking Emails in the Morning?

Most “Time Management Experts” say to not check e-mail in the mornings when you first wake up. But, why do they say this?



  • There  may be something upsetting in your e-mails
  • Your emails should not dictate what you are doing for the day
  • You will get off track early in the day
  • People will expect you to look at your e-mails in the morning
  • Reading emails provide a false sense of accomplishment
  • To train yourself to have willpower

I am sure there are other reasons…but let’s get REAL! Don’t most people check their emails in the morning?

When I was in high-school some 35 years ago, my driver’s Ed teacher told us that he wanted us to have the radio on to what we normally would listen to, at the volume we would normally listen to it. Why? Because he said, “There is no sense teaching you in a false environment. When you start driving on your own listening to the radio, you will have no idea how to concentrate, drive, and listen to the radio at the same time!”  I remember that lesson and I think it applies here.

No matter what people tell you you are going to look at your emails in the morning…aren’t you? Of course you are! Perhaps it is lack of willpower, curiosity, forgetting that you weren’t going to check, whatever the reason is who cares? You are going to check your e-mails in the morning. I get it! So let me give you advice on how to do so without it causing all the forewarned drama above.

Go to your in-box, set your timer for five minutes, if you find you need more time then reset it for another five minutes. You want to be mindful of the amount of time you spend each morning just to glance over your e-mails to ascertain which of them are important. Don’t open them yet, just make a mental note that you need to deal with whichever of them you feel could be important. Delete as many as you possibly can, junk or advertisements, so you don’t spend time glancing at them. If you can’t delete it without opening it then pass and go to the next.

Have one inspirational e-mail sent to your inbox each day. Whomever you chose makes no difference to me. Then read that e-mail first, ask for a productive/great/inspirational whatever makes you happy kind of day and then open those particular e-mails that appear to warrant immediate attention. If they can be responded to in a minute or less, then do so now. If they require action then schedule them on your to-do list. Then get off the computer for at least an hour, turn off the email indicators on your phone, and get to work!!

Whatever you do, do not have an auto response that lets people know that you only check your email at certain times of the day. First of all that just pisses off the person who sent you an e-mail two minutes after the last time you supposedly checked your e-mail. Second, there is no way that you can be 100% sure that every day you will check your email at those specific times. And third, did I say it pisses people off? Oh, right and no one cares when you look at everyone else’s email they only care when you are going to look at theirs.

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and to be released this June TimerOrganizer




To Be or Not to Be Organized?

Why Be Organized?

Why be organized? If you are already organized, you cannot imagine a life where you are not. If you are somewhat organized, you most likely imagine a world where you are completely organized, and lastly if you are rarely organized you may wonder what all the fuss is about.

Don’t Organized People Lack Spontaneity?

Hardly, in fact if you are organized you can take advantage of impromptu opportunities because you have your projects under control and you know that you can make time for a new opportunity and not have it mess up your entire schedule. In fact most organized people know exactly where there passport is and could go anywhere they want to without having it be a major production!

Doesn’t it Take a Lot of Time to be Organized?

It takes learning what is important to you and why and then focusing your efforts there. Also, time yourself, next time you think something takes “a lot” of time and see how long it really takes you. We tend to think that things we don’t want to do take longer than things we do want to do. So time yourself and know the truth.

Everything is Just Fine Now

Is it? Are you making the most of your day(s), week(s), and month(s)? Are you achieving all of your goals? Are you making goals? Do you know what you want? If you already have all that you want, what are you doing to insure you keep it? If you had no restrictions on what you could want for, what would it be? When is the last time something amazing happened in your life? How did it feel?

I hope I have piqued your interest in my recent book TimerOrganizer released June 2014.

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerOrganizer and TimerDiet



Back to School

Back to School – TimerOrganizer

Last Friday I did a Back to School blog for discussing breakfast, lunch, and snack time for kids along with daily physical activity. Today I want to talk about organizing our time and helping our kids organize their time, and this includes chores and other various activities. Right before school used to be when my daughters and I would have our family meeting. We would have them at various times throughout the year, but for sure before the school year started we would discuss plans for the new school year. On the table were topics of activities the girls wanted to be involved in, schedules, and of course household chores.

Chores Schedules

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Grocery Prices are Rising!

Organize Your Refrigerator to Save Money

If you want to save some money on your grocery bill, organize your refrigerator. How many times have you thrown food away because it has spoiled or bought something because you couldn’t find it in the fridge? It happens, but to some it happens often. They say the average family throws out almost $1,500 a year in food that has spoiled. That is a lot of money. How does organizing your fridge help?

Keep Foods by Category in the Fridge

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