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Grocery Prices are Rising!

Organize Your Refrigerator to Save Money

If you want to save some money on your grocery bill, organize your refrigerator. How many times have you thrown food away because it has spoiled or bought something because you couldn’t find it in the fridge? It happens, but to some it happens often. They say the average family throws out almost $1,500 a year in food that has spoiled. That is a lot of money. How does organizing your fridge help?

Keep Foods by Category in the Fridge

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Earth Day

Earth Day
#Earth Day
Today April 22, 2014 we are celebrating Earth Day, but did you know this holiday has been around for decades? In fact 1970. To help bring awareness to the Earth’s environment, yes before many of us were even born (not me I’m a boomer baby), people have said to be concerned about the Earth. But, what have we done to help? Well to be more exact, what have you done to help?

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