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Under Promise Over Deliver

Under Promise Over Deliver

If you are in business you have probably heard this mantra and especially when it comes to sales. So what does it mean? When you are dealing with someone (presumably a business associate) you don’t want to promise too much, but you want to always give more than you promised.

Why is it a Mantra?

You may be wondering if you have not heard this saying before why it is a mantra and even more so why do people have a problem not doing this in the first place.  Perhaps you’re not the one who has said, “I’ll call you,” when you knew the date did not go well. Or the one who said, “I would love to help you with your –project, charity, problem – or whatever the case may be,” only to realize you are so busy that you have no idea how you are going to fulfill your promise. But, if you are you know what it’s like to want to ease the silence, make someone happy or at the very least not disappointment them. This is why it is a mantra…we want to promise so much…

How to Avoid the Over Promise

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