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Last Friday I did a Back to School blog for discussing breakfast, lunch, and snack time for kids along with daily physical activity. Today I want to talk about organizing our time and helping our kids organize their time, and this includes chores and other various activities. Right before school used to be when my daughters and I would have our family meeting. We would have them at various times throughout the year, but for sure before the school year started we would discuss plans for the new school year. On the table were topics of activities the girls wanted to be involved in, schedules, and of course household chores.

Chores Schedules

A made up bed and clean room
A made up bed and clean room

Usually twice a year before school started and after school ended was the perfect time for us. These two times marked the beginning and end of commitments and goals as well as allowed for them to trade off chores if they didn’t feel they liked them much or just wanted to try something new. I feel having them pick their desired chores made for an easier situation. You would be amazed when you ask your kids which chores they want, they actually have thoughts about which ones they like and don’t like and it usually all works out!

Activities SchedulesLoop of time

Then there are other schedules as to classes, extra circular activities, and sporting events. As they grow up there are more and more things to schedule. How you handle these situations and your scheduling techniques are going to be lessons that you teach to your kids. Most everyone feels better when they know that everything is scheduled and everything is going to happen as planned! Give the weekly assessment a try.  There are ideas on how to evaluate your week and see if you are accomplishing everything you had hoped. Check it out and come back next week for ideas on Back to School planning and organization!

The next couple of weeks we will be devoting TimerOrganizer and TimerDiet to Back to School, so stay tuned.

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