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Introduction                                                                xTimerOrganizer_Soft_Cover-7466
 PART I – The Who, What, and Why!?
Chapter 1 – Do I Really Need to Be Organized?       1
Chapter 2 – If Being Organized is So Good for Me,

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Pockets of Time

We all have pockets of time that come into our lives and we have the option to use them or waste them. If you aren’t sure that you have pockets of time:
  • Do you ever find yourself waiting on hold for more than a minute?
  • Do you wait in line at the store for more than a minute?
  • Do you work out on a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine?
  • Do you ever find yourself in the waiting room of the doctor’s, dentist, salon, or similar?
  • Do you ever find yourself waiting on someone at a restaurant to arrive?
How do you use these pockets of time? Checking your phone for social media messages? Check e-mails (10 times in 10 minutes!) What if you made a list of things you could do with each of these pockets of time and try to memorize them; here are some of mine.

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How to Avoid Failure?!

Failure Avoidance

Don’t we all want to avoid failure? I know of no one who says, “I want to try this and I hope it fails.” But we all know failure is a possibility in anything and everything. Whether it is our relationships, raising our children, keeping our jobs, but just as importantly—making our dreams come true. We could decide to not get into serious relationships, have any children, not care about having a job, and never think about our dreams. But isn’t that failure in and of itself?

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Picture It

Can You Picture it?

Can you picture it?

Is there something in your life that you want changed? Or is there a goal that you want to achieve? What is the most important thing to do in achieving it? (Other than reading my book coming out this month TimerOrganizer—shameless plug). You need to Picture It. You need to picture it with gratefulness, not hope; appreciation, not anxiety. If you can’t picture “it” this way, perhaps it is not your true desire. Maybe it is someone else’s or societies. If something is your true desire you feel at ease and excited.

Are You Prepared?

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